Mittwoch, 13. August 2008

Things are gettin´worse - One Caress (Depeche Mode)

Do not follow my thoughts.
I don´t know where "ground" is but I think I´m going to touch soon.
Need the quote, need the "why"?
"Eternal darkness" it is, no doubt.

No better thing to say right now available.

I AM sorry.
I decided to share everything.
But how to do that in the most difficult moments?
When you´re alone.
When you really LEARN how alone you are.

It isn´t fair.
It isn´t fair what I´m saying.
It isn´t fair what I´m thinking.
So the only person to talk to right now would be Claudia (Mia´s mother)

By the way
Did I tell you not to read this?
This was/is some kind of crying out for help.
I/we really need you.
I´m not that strong.

and let me remind you:
You´re not close enough.

Details later.

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Mia hat eins mehr hat gesagt…

Lieber cabronsito, ich denke so sehr an Euch. Du kannst mir jederzeit eine mail schicken, wir können auch telefonieren. Ich bete für Euch und den kleinen cabronsito. Ich bin dem ganzen noch so nah, ich kann Eure Gedanken und Gefühle nur zu sehr nachempfinden. Sag mir schnell Bescheid, wenn es gute Neuigkeiten gibt.

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